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Manjal kunkumam

Our Srividya Manjal kunkumam is prepared in Ayurvedic method i.e. Manjal lime, alam borex, gingely oil (All are) which will not harm the body. (Fore head). No colours (dyes) & Chemicals are added. Srividya Manjal kunkumam can be used for Pooja,Archana and Tilak. Now Thalamboo kunkumbam is also available (Kewda Athar is used sin preparation) and the fragrance is superior.
Manjal Powder & Raw.
Srividya Manjal powder is prepared by grinding good quality raw turmeric roots. If can be used for bathing and pooja purposes. It is an antibiotic powder and good for skin.
Kasturi Manjal Powder
It is prepared by grinding good quality raw kasturi turmeric roots and used for only bathing. It is very good for skin. It's fragrance in delighting and it will not give colour to skin (It is used in Ayurvedic Medicine too).
Abisheka Vasanai powder / Kathamba podi
Other names are nalangum podi, Diraviya podi etc., It is prepared by mixing more than 36 Ayurvedic Herbals. It is used for Abishekam in Temples. It is used for bathing. Green Dhal powder is added with this Powder, Soaps need not be necessary as the powder give the same effect, at the same time it prevents the skin from diseases. We grind the herbals in our own factory so, it is very pure.
Sandal Powder
It is made up of pure sandal wood. Can be used for pooja and cosmetic purpose also.
      We prepare Dasangam with 10 natural ingredients such as sandal dust, Akil, Agar, Devadaru, Sambirani and Mattipal. It is in Powder form. For usage the powder has to be filled in the cone given and powder cones is made ready. When its lighted the sambirani fragranes will come and it will last for half-an-hour. It is used for pooja.
      We make our own srividya Agarbathies with 6 fragrances ie. Kasturi, Kewda, Sandal Jasmine, Mattipal & Flora. Our Mattipal bathies are very special and give smell of original sambirani. All bathies are made from Athars and no chemicals are added and the bathies will give mild fragrance.
      Viboothi is available in two vareities: plain and javadu vasanai viboothi. The quality is high and prepared in old method (i.e. cow dung are burned and nice viboothi is made).

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